What’s Happening 30th March 2012

Well, our last DoJo before the Easter break!

The main group will be returning to HTML and CSS – we’ll leave the JScript for a while (Phew!). We’re going to look at linking web pages together using the HTML “a” tag. We’ll also look at creating a button that when clicked takes you to another HTML page. That’s how the web works!

If you want to prepare, take a look at these pages:




This will be mainly a “off-roading” session – once we’ve covered how it works you’ll be experimenting and trying out your own thing. You may need to brush up on your HTML and CSS!

Ken will be doing more around Android programming for his group – some exciting ideas developing there!

And, of course, Jim will be providing a gentle introduction to the art of HTML!

As usual, thanks to the Kinsale Dojo team (Alan, Mervyn, Jim, Jim, Kevin, Ken), the Kinsale Community School staff and pupils who help us prepare and to Collette for providing last week’s prizes.

Nick Grattan.


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